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Crime scenes run the gamut, ranging from violent crimes involving the cleanup of bodily fluids, to crimes largely involving damage to property and potentially hazardous materials. In both cases, a professional cleanup crew is needed to effectively remove all traces of the crime. In many areas, a crime scene cleanup crew is a requirement on the heels of an offense. Master Restoration has a team of trained cleanup technicians, who are able to safely remove any biohazards and debris left behind by the perpetrators of the crime. 

Cleaning up the scene of the crime following a break in, drug or bomb lab exposure, assault, or murder can be grisly, and typically will only take place after the area has been thoroughly evaluated by investigators. In some cases, cleanup can occur within hours of the event, while others may require days or more. The precise time frame to expect a cleanup crew will depend on the severity and scope of the crime committed, and the availability of investigators. 

Crime scene cleanup–also called forensic cleanup–differs from biohazard cleanup, in that it does not merely involve biohazards, but extends to include property damage and other concerns that do not involve biologically hazardous materials.

This type of cleanup is a demanding, hazardous job, and hiring a team of professionals, such as those working with Master Restoration, is essential to foster trust, safety, and comfort after a crime has been committed. Cleanup crews can be brought in for several hundred dollars, up to several thousands of dollars, depending on the state of the scene. Contact Master Restoration today for pricing and availability.  


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In order to safely and carefully conduct a crime scene cleanup, crews must: 

  • Safely handle and cleanup biohazard materials. Blood, saliva, chemical residue, and more can all pose a hazard to home and business owners, and must be removed and disposed of using the appropriate safety precautions. 
  • Appropriately handle crime scene evidence. Although investigators will likely conduct a large portion of their work prior to a crime scene cleanup crew, there may be additional pieces of evidence that are discovered by forensic cleaning professionals. Crews are trained to handle sensitive matter carefully and report developments appropriately. 
  • Demonstrate consideration and compassion. Crime scene cleanup professionals may encounter people who are frightened, grieving, or upset, and must be able to conduct their jobs with care and compassion. 
  • Sanitize the area in question. After biohazards are cleaned up and discarded through the correct channels, professionals sanitize the area to make sure biohazards are not left intact, and homeowners, business owners, and even passersby are not put at risk. 


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