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When disaster strikes, our team of professionals work 24/7 to ensure the people of Clearwater get a rapid disaster response. Clearwater is a vacationer’s dream, with some of the most beautiful, white-sand beaches in the state of Florida. It is also a popular home for year-round residents and business owners. The coastal location makes Clearwater susceptible to the brunt of natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. That means flooding, storm damage, mold, and the need for water damage restoration services is a reality for our neighbors in Pinellas County.

In the event you have sustained water damage to your home, here are some Faq’s and tips you will want to follow.

  • Make sure it is safe to enter the property. Standing water can result in electrocution if flooding has damaged or reached the electrical wiring or outlets in your home.
  • Take photos of the damaged home and furnishings. You will need these later if you are planning on filing an insurance claim or filing for damage reimbursement.
  • Contact a licensed Water Damage Restoration Company to determine the extent of the damage and help prepare a report for your insurance claim.
  • Remove any standing water and wet furnishings. Such as carpets, rugs and any damaged drywall and appliances that may have been damaged due to water intrusion.
  • Run A/C and fans to help with the drying process.
  • Clean and disinfect all areas where there was flood water. Flood waters contain all sorts of bacteria and microbes that can promote sickness.
  • Inspect the home for Mold anywhere moisture was present.
  • Determine if furniture and other materials can be professionally cleaned or needs to be discarded for you and your family’s safety.

The rapidity of mold growth depends on a combination of conditions, some of which allow for the germination of spores within 12 hours, and some growing within 24 to 48 hours. If you encounter mold smells or visibly see