Serving southern US. We make it our goal to clean and restore as much of your content as possible.


Your POSSESSIONS matter. we work to save them.


You have precious and valuable content within the four walls of your property. When a disaster strikes, these are the things you want to protect. At Master Restoration, your contents are never an afterthought. Content restoration is a vital part of the rebuilding process. We provide a professional, process-driven focus when it comes to cleaning and restoring your content because we know it’s not "just stuff". Many of your items represent memories, milestones, emotional connection, heirlooms, and history. If it’s important to you, it is important to us. We make it our goal to clean and restore as much of your content as possible.

Take inventory

Here’s How To Get Started


We recommend creating a home inventory before disaster strikes. It may seem hard at first to record information about everything you own, but don’t let that put you off.

Store your inventory in a cloud-based electronic file. Paper lists or lists stored directly on a device can be ruined in a disaster, so if you do create a paper inventory, be sure to store it in a safe deposit box or a location that will not be affected by a calamity.

Make note of valuable, high-ticket items contained on your property, but, don’t forget more commonplace items such as favorite toys, electronics, and clothing. Group items by room or together by category. Write a brief description of the item including a general estimate of how many of each item you own and the estimated value. If you know when and where items were was purchased (or if there is make or model number) be sure to also include that.

Along with the written information, be sure to add photographs of your special possessions.

Walk through your home or business videotaping the contents. Remember to open drawers and closets. One advantage of videotape is that you can narrate what you are filming.

Master Restoration will help you in every way possible to restore and refresh whatever content we possibly can. Even if you are in the middle of devastation and you don’t have an inventory, we will take care of the contents within your walls and do all we can for you.


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