Use Master Restoration’s disaster checklist to make sure you are prepared

Master Restoration Disaster Checklist

Disaster preparation has grown increasingly common and mainstream in recent years, though it differs dramatically from the stereotype of bomb shelters and entire pantries packed with dried food. Most homeowners have dialed back on their home disaster preparations, preferring to gather basic supplies to last for at least a few days’ worth of food and drink needs, emergency medical supplies, sentimental items, and important documents. Unlike other emergency planning kits and lists, a disaster preparation kit should include all of the documents you might need–homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and life insurance policies–in addition to medical information and supplies, and general care supplies, such as nonperishable food, water purification materials, and personal care items, such as soap and extra clothing. Preparing your home for a disaster means creating a robust disaster kit and fortifying your home against potential issues.

Homes should be kept in good working condition, to facilitate a greater chance of surviving or escaping an accident or disaster. Bars on windows, faulty foundations, and basements with a single exit can all pose hazards for homeowners who may need to vacate or take shelter in a home in the midst of a disaster. Making sure your home adheres to basic safety requirements can involve seeking the assistance of a home renovation company, such as Master Restoration, or can mean simply evaluating entry points of the home and reinforcing those points against leaks and other damages.

Preparing your home for a disaster also means mapping out evacuation plans for different emergency scenarios. Having a distinct plan for yourself and your loved ones can increase the likelihood of surviving home emergencies such as house fires. Making sure each room has a minimum of two entry and exit points is a great start, and should culminate in the development of a distinct exit plan tailored to different potential disasters, such as house fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Although it can feel impossible to ever completely prepare for a disaster, there are concrete steps you can take to make sure you and your home are as prepared as possible to weather any storm, or survive any emergency. Master Restoration’s disaster preparation checklist is a good place to start to create a working emergency kit, and Master Restoration’s home services can help get your home back to normal after weathering a storm or emergency.

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