Planning ahead for a traumatic event is nearly impossible. The reason an event causes trauma is usually that it is unexpected and devastating in nature.

The thought of cleanup in the midst of trauma is unthinkable for most people. Yet, the fire department leaves or the ambulance is gone or the storm is over—and there you are. Left surrounded by the damage and the shattered pieces of your life.

You need help and quickly. Even more, you need dependability, empathy, and hope.

Master Restoration serves people first. We know when we enter any trauma cleanup situation, our clients are distressed and some are even grieving.

We always work with the faces of our clients in our minds.



Fires can lead to significant emotional pain and may have also caused physical injuries. It’s more than losing your home to a fire, it’s also the damage or destruction of valued, sentimental things such as photo albums, important documents, and treasured objects. Most importantly, though, your home represents a place of security, comfort, and safety. After a fire, this sense of security can be lost and can significantly disrupt life.

When a fire damages your business, the trauma brings additional burdens. The loss of financial stability, the uncertainty of the future, the hassles with insurance claims—how will you ever recover?

Fire trauma cleanup can be difficult, but a professional team like Master Restoration will take care of you. In the middle of your crisis, we will respectfully assess the damage, save and salvage whatever valuable items we can, remove the soot and smoke damage, and bring your home or business back to a place where it is better than before. We’ll handle the difficult cleanup and restoration so you can take care of yourself.



Like fire, water damage can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Whether the damage is due to hurricanes and storms or from bursts pipes and plumbing, the devastation can be staggering. Living in Florida, a state that’s surrounded by water, means the threat of storm and water damage is a reality. This can cause significant stress. When stress is present, people often make regrettable decisions. Expert water damage cleanup is essential. Water can cause electrical issues that are extremely dangerous. Additionally, mold and hazardous waste result in great health concerns, so they require professional cleanup.

There’s no need to leave yourself in a vulnerable position when Master Restoration is ready and available to take care of you. Dealing with disaster takes time and support. We’ll give you both.

In the end, our cleanup and restoration services can help make your trauma a distant memory. You can be assured that we will always treat your property and the people involved with the utmost empathy and respect in the face of your trying circumstances.



Biohazard cleanup resulting from a traumatic scene or loss of life can be the most difficult trauma to face. These incidents can be devastating and may include crime scenes, death, suicide, or a significant injury that led to blood loss or the spread of other pathogens. It’s the last thing you want to think about in your suffering, but removing and disposing of blood, tissue, bodily fluids, and other materials needs to be done quickly or they can pose severe health risks to those nearby. It’s much too dangerous to handle these biohazards yourself, so you need a cleanup team that will offer you professional results, but also support and hope.

We handle your trauma with discretion, sensitivity, and expert training. The professionals at Master Restoration are ready to respond to a hazardous scene. We show up knowing that you need us to be more than your restoration service. You need us to care about you and your loved ones as people first. Through our cleanup and restoration services, one of our goals is to help you return to your new normal faster. We can’t change your loss, but we can commit ourselves to improve your property and belongings.



Remember, every minute counts. Master Restoration has a 24/7 hotline available and we are here for you when it matters most. Within minutes of calling, our team responds and we’re on our way to help. We’ll prevent trauma on top of trauma as our industry-leading team lends their expertise to your cleanup and restoration needs. Our certified professionals are skilled in restoring and protecting your property. We want to get you back to Better Than Before.

So, although planning ahead for a traumatic event is hard, you can prepare in advance for who you will call if trauma ever strikes. We’re on your side and we’re just a phone call away.