Prevent Storm Damage During the Florida Rainy Season

If you live in Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Pasco Counties, you know the Tampa Bay area has been fairly well-shielded from Gulf Coast hurricanes. Although we lost power for many days, our communities were fortunate to not get what the weather channels predicted during Hurricane Irma in 2017.  We made it through that hurricane season with minimal disruption and damage. The panhandle, however, was not as lucky in 2018 during Hurricane Michael.

What will 2019 bring to the Gulf Coast?  Hopefully, we’ll have an uneventful year, but you never know what’s going to happen during hurricane season. The Florida rainy season is about to start, and even major storms can cause damage to homes and businesses. We can’t prevent the storms from occurring, but we can help minimize their impact on our personal lives.  This year, let’s be prepared in case tropical storms or hurricanes hit our area.

When a storm is approaching, you need to be aware of its path and know the best course of action to protect your family and your property.  

Eliminate Storm Damage by Preparing Your Home

Preparing your home should be done as quickly as possible.  Start by bringing in things from your yard that high winds could pick up.  This includes potted and hanging plants, outdoor furniture, bicycles, yard ornaments, and other items that could get damaged or cause damage.

Inside your house, turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting so that your food will stay as cold as possible if you lose power.  Unplug small appliances and electronic equipment to prevent damage, and turn off propane tanks. Most importantly, close the windows, doors, and hurricane shutters, if you have them.  If you don’t have shutters, board up the windows and doors with plywood.

Emergency Kit

Have the Essentials On Hand BEFORE the Storm Predictions

First, check your supplies to make sure you have enough food, water, batteries, etc., and replenish items as necessary.  Also, make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car.

If a hurricane or strong tropical storm is moving toward your area of Florida, stores could be closed or out of stock on essential items. There is a survival instinct that kicks in when bad weather is on its way.  People buy everything on the shelves at grocery stores and hardware stores in case they could be without power for several days or more. The Florida rainy season comes every year. Why not stock your emergency supplies now? Grab extra bottles of water and non-perishable foods before the storm prediction. If the Florida Gulf doesn’t see any major storms this year, you’ll have a few extra supplies on hand for the winter months.

Have Your Technology Prepared for Power Outages

Next, think of your energy and technology needs if you are without power.  Make sure you have flashlights for each family member and don’t forget to have extra batteries in your emergency kit.  If you don’t have a portable cell phone charger, it’s a worthwhile investment. When you hear that bad weather is pending, make sure you have your portable chargers ready to go.  

Most of us use our cell phones as our cameras now, and you’ll want to make sure you have a camera available to take pictures of any storm damage.  Speaking of pictures, it’s a good idea to have pictures of your home’s interior and exterior prior to a major storm. You may need those photos for inventory and reference purposes.

A battery-powered radio will also come in handy for keeping you informed about the weather conditions and environmental safety issues.  Get our full Disaster Checklist.

Don’t Forget First Aid Supplies

Your emergency kit should also include first aid supplies, medications, and personal hygiene items.  Because this is Florida, you should also add insect repellent and sunscreen as well. Some basic tools, extra clothing, and rain gear can help keep you and your family safe and secure.  Be on High Alert When a Storm is Approaching Central Florida

If Evacuation Is Necessary

Although you may want to stay at home and wait out the storm, doing so could be dangerous if local authorities have called for an evacuation.  If you do need to leave, take essential documents and irreplaceable items. Listen to the radio so you can try to avoid flooded areas and travel the safest, fastest route to a safe location. Your family’s safety needs to come first.

If You Stay in Your Home

Many people want to stay with their home during a strong storm or hurricane. As long as an evacuation is mandatory, stay inside and stay calm. Go into the strongest interior room, preferably without windows. Turn off electricity or circuit breakers if you’ve noticed leaks in the roof or windows or if there is any flooding.

Don’t leave your shelter at any time unless you must deal with situations that could be fatal without your intervention.

Rainy Season - Dealing with the Storm

After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Be careful!  It’s natural to want to quickly resume your normal routine, but doing so is often impossible, unwise, and possibly, dangerous.  Continuing rainfall and flooding can occur and continue for quite a few days after a big storm. Roads may be flooded, trees may be down, and entire neighborhoods could be rendered unsafe.  The debris left from the storm, as well as downed powerlines, can be extremely dangerous.

When you do return home, make sure you take necessary precautions to keep your family safe.  Stay away from any dangling power lines, and do not drink water from your home faucets until the local authorities tell you it is safe to do so.  

Caution everybody to stay away from debris and standing water.

Property Storm Damage

If there is any of storm damage to your property, you should contact a restoration company like Master Restoration who can assist you with your insurance company claim and your repairs.  The quicker you contact us, the sooner we can start working, and the better off you will be. We have an insurance guarantee that helps get your restoration process started quickly, because delays in repairing your home can, unfortunately, lead to further damage from flooding or mold.

Get Experienced Florida Storm Damage Help

Master Restoration serves the entire Tampa Bay area with complete disaster repair & restoration services. You deserve the smoothest, fastest track to getting your space back to better than it was before the disaster. Every loss you’ve incurred is reviewed and analyzed by highly trained specialists to ensure your job is done in accordance with industry standards.

If an insurance claim is deemed necessary, we will be happy to begin loss prevention immediately and submit all needed documentation and pictures for your insurance company. If your insurance carrier denies your claim, we won’t charge you.

Call our 24/7 Emergency Response line: 727-433-1474 or use our online chat option to talk with an experienced storm damage representative who can answer your questions. We’re here for you!