Your disaster doesn’t have to be epic to call Master Restoration. We hear things like, “My toilet overflowed and I need help!” all the time. Our recovery team acts quickly to any circumstances that put your property, and ultimately your potential health, at risk.We understand the appeal of “do-it-yourself” home repairs. Everyone wants to save money on labor costs, and many people even enjoy working on projects. The reality is some projects are better left to the experts. We are equipped to handle tasks that involve any form of water, mold, reconstruction, repairs, biohazard, or fire damage. Our commitment is to leave your property better than it was before we arrived.So, if you’re uncertain if we specialize in a need you have–don’t worry! Just call our 24/7 Response Line and we will let you know how we can help you. Your health, welfare, maintenance, and protection are our priority.