On September 10, Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa said at a news conference, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Well, we’re about to get punched in the face.” We are all aware that the punch could have been delivered with utterly devastating force, but we were spared in many ways. The fact that Hurricane Irma weakened before coming ashore over the Tampa Bay area doesn’t change the fact that we still got punched.

With all the damage Hurrican Irma has caused to roofs and property, it is important to get your home dried out as soon as possible and protected from further damage and mold growth. Response time is the most critical factor when dealing with water removal. The longer water is permitted to linger, the more saturation will set in. Our professional on-call staff of water extraction experts will respond to your call in the Tampa Bay area in 60 minutes or less. A water damage situation with minimal saturation can be resolved fairly quickly. On the other hand, once maximum saturation has set in, the need for more structural alterations may make it a more costly project.

When a storm of any size hits, it’s important to let storm damage repair contractors or a wind damage repair service, as well as a certified insurance specialist, guide and assist you in determining your insurance coverage. At Master Restoration, we assign an insurance specialist to every disaster to help you with your loss caused by a tropical storm, wind or tornado and determine whether the building is to code.

There are a myriad of unresolved circumstances due to Irma, including:

Power Outages

About 1.9 million utility custoers still were without power in the state on Friday morning, officials said. Parts of central and southern Florida will be a sweltering 90 degrees for several days, with humidity making it feel like the mid-90s.  In Pinellas as of noon 9/15, Duke Energy reports that 88,627 customers are still without electricity with 380,774 Restored. For more information on Duke Energy’s progress addressing power outages, visit www.duke-energy.com/outages.

County Water and Sewer

The power outages have affected Pinellas County utility sewer pump stations. Crews continue to work to keep pump stations functioning on generator power or tanker support while waiting for power service to be fully restored. In the meantime, utility customers are reminded to not put water down the drain. Please do not run a load of laundry, run your dishwasher or flush toilets when possible. The Pinellas County Utilities potable water system is safe and there is no need to boil water.

Debris Removal

Debris contractors will begin debris collection from rights of way on Monday, giving residents returning home over the next few days enough time to collect and place their debris piles in their nearest right of way.

Hurricane Damage Restoration

Our certified and trained storm damage repair contractors at Master Restoration possess the knowledge and expertise required to repair your home and restore the lives of many individuals who are at a loss from this natural disaster. We will guide you through every stage of the cleanup and repair of your home or company as efficiently and economically as possible. Our contractors have assisted many of those affected by Hurricane Charlie, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, and many more.

Contact us today if you are in need of hurricane damage restoration.