Use Master Restoration’s hurricane supply checklist to make sure you are prepared

Master Restoration Hurricane Supply Checklist

Having hurricane supplies on hand is a responsibility all homeowners in hurricane-prone areas should take very seriously. Hurricane preparedness requires homeowners to be able to weather any storm, with plenty of food, equipment, and supplies to adequately care for themselves in the absence of standard amenities found in a home. Although a home will, ideally, hold up well in the midst of a hurricane, the truth is that all homes have some degree of susceptibility to storms, necessitating the development of an emergency preparedness kit. Master Restoration provides a hurricane supply checklist to make sure your home is adequately prepared, should a hurricane come through your area.

Preparing for a hurricane can involve preparing your home through external means, such as installing hurricane shutters, making sure all potential projectiles are kept away from the home, and items are kept away from windows and other vulnerable points in a home. Although these are wonderful ways to prepare your home for a hurricane, being prepared for a hurricane also means setting aside objects and supplies that can help you find assistance in the midst of a storm, provide medical aid after a storm-induced injury, and provide sustenance should access to food in a home be interrupted.

Identifying potential hazards in your home is another important part of hurricane preparation, as there are specific entry and exit points that can be obscured, should you need to leave the home, or welcome entry to tree limbs, debris, and water. Windows, doors, and any weak spots in the home should be evaluated and repaired prior to hurricane season. Weak spots can include walls, floors, or ceilings showing signs of water damage, windows or doors that have come loose, or even areas on the home with peeling, cracked, or otherwise damaged siding. Repairing your home prior to a hurricane can help guard against further damage, and can help alleviate the need for the materials found in a hurricane emergency kit.

Preparing the exterior of your home to prevent the likelihood of damage is also important. Securing furniture, clearing all drainage areas, and securing any weakened areas with caulking or boards can all protect a home from damage during the intensity of a hurricane, and can be an important part of making sure you are adequately prepared. If your home does sustain damage in a hurricane, the professionals at Master Restoration are licensed and trained to conduct home restoration services necessitated by hurricane damage. Our hurricane supply checklist can help you prepare for a hurricane, and our professional restoration services can help you navigate the aftermath.

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