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Dealing with a disaster is overwhelming. Whether the nature of your loss is due to water, fire, mold or wind, you are left figuring out how you should proceed. You’ll have a million questions running through your head:

  • Who can help me repair all this damage?
  • Does my insurance cover this disaster?
  • Will my insurance cover the cost to rebuild or repair the damage?
  • Do I need to document everything in pictures?

Calling a disaster relief company, like Master Restoration, is an ideal way to take the stress off of yourself in this difficult situation. Using the latest technology in disaster recovery, Master Restoration provides complete loss management and restoration services to residential and commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area. We will guide you through the entire process. It’s our job to make an assessment, gather evidence, work with your insurance, and, ultimately, help you clean up and restore your damaged place to a condition that is better than it was before.

You’ll get the best possible result from your insurance claim with our expert guidance.

Our Insurance Guarantee

It’s Our Promise To You


If after our thorough investigation of your property you determine to make an insurance claim, Master Restoration will not charge you if your insurance carrier denies the claim.

Satisfaction guaranteed!



Step 1: Respond to Emergencies First

If you’re experiencing a loss due to water, fire, mold, trauma, biohazard, or storm, it is imperative that you receive expert guidance as to how to immediately respond.  First and foremost, ensure everyone is safe and out of immediate harm due to the loss. Your first thoughts may go directly to your home and your possessions, but those things can wait and can be replaced. Your safety and the safety of others is everyone’s top priority.

Step 2: Call Our 24/7 Emergency Response Line

Homeowners and businesses typically want to call their insurance right away when a disaster happens. While it is important to call the insurance in a timely manner, there are a few good reasons why calling us first makes more sense. We are your insurance experts.  Our free damage assessment provides you with valuable information to assist you in determining how to proceed, keeping your best interest in mind.  In many cases, your loss may not require the insurance company to be involved depending on your policy deductible amount.  We believe in full transparency from the start. We’ll assess the damage and advise you on whether you should go forward with insurance. If a claim is deemed necessary, we will immediately communicate with your insurance company and submit all the needed documentation and photos to them.

Step 3: If Necessary, Call Insurance

Master Restoration will handle everything for you. If it’s determined you should request an insurance claim, the only thing you have to do is call in the claim. Master Restoration works with all major insurance companies, and our representative will be happy to begin loss prevention for you immediately, including taking all the needed documentation & pictures for your claim.

Once you’ve submitted a claim, an adjuster will be assigned to you. You should receive a phone call, letter, or email from your assigned adjuster informing you of the general process. The adjuster will review your policy and deductibles required, then evaluate the type and extent of damage sustained.

Our Guarantee: After our thorough investigation of your property you determine to make an insurance claim, Master Restoration will not charge you if your insurance carrier denies the claim.

Step 4: Let Us Handle The Rest

Master Restoration will handle everything for you. We will clean up the disaster, gather evidence, get estimates, work with the insurance adjuster, negotiate to get you the most claims-money, and help you rebuild, restore or upgrade your location afterward. Every loss is reviewed and analyzed by highly trained specialists to ensure your job is done right, in accordance with industry standards. We are committed to providing whatever it takes to minimize physical damage and business interruption.

Step 5: Make It Better Than Before

After you’ve experienced a disaster, we want you to turn your negative experience into a positive one. Whenever possible, we will help you upgrade your space. (Even if you filed a claim, your insurance money can be used for updated improvements.) We pay attention to the details and move you beyond what you had before to the space you’ve always wanted. We’ll leave things better than before.

Master Restoration & Repair Services - Better Than Before

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