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If your home or office has sustained recent water damage, our licensed and trained Mold Damage Remediation Specialist will determine the extent of your mold damage and begin the cleanup and repair in 60 minutes or less. Master Restoration can extract the water and dry the structure without delay, preventing further mold damage. Please, don’t wait. Master Restoration will remove mold properly and prevent it from spreading throughout your entire home or office.

If not removed properly, sheetrock mold can spread like dust throughout your entire house. Allergic reactions may happen immediately or develop after a period of time following exposure also some molds produce toxic substances. Immediate cleanup and removal are required to avoid extensive damage.
*The larger the mold problem, the more costly the cleanup or repair.



If the presence of moisture is noted in a space, drying should take place immediately and a remediation process to minimize the probability of mold growth. Mold needs a food source, moisture, and to be at room temperature to grow. If these conditions are present, mold will reproduce and colonize by creating tiny spores that can only be seen with magnification.
Mold spores float through the air and can damage walls, drywall, and wood or it can colonize in damp spaces. The rapidity of growth depends on a combination of conditions, some of which allow for the germination of spores within 12 hours, and some growing within 24 to 48 hours. Every species of mold requires a different amount of available moisture to grow.

Mold can cause serious problems if left untreated; not only is it unsightly but it can also lead to health issues and costly repairs down the line. Fortunately, at Master Restoration, our highly qualified professionals specialize in identifying and treating mold infestations here in Clearwater, FL. Whether you’re dealing with a current outbreak or looking for ways to prevent future ones, they have all the tools and knowledge necessary to put you on track toward a healthier home environment altogether! So don’t hesitate—to contact our local specialist today!

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Our Mold Remediation and Removal Specialists are experts in Florida’s growing mold issues. The growth, due to moisture, water, high humidity, and flood damage, is occurring at an alarming rate. Mold smells and its growth can occur 48-72 hours from the initial wetting period. If mold damage repair is not addressed by a mold damage mitigation service in an efficient and effective manner, structural damage to your home or commercial building are likely to occur, and are frequently accompanied by serious or long-term health conditions.

If you encounter mold smells or visibly see black mold or any other type of drywall water damage, please contact us immediately to start a remediation process. We’re here to keep you safe and healthy.

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Mold Damage Remediation

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