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Property Solutions: Master Restoration is the team to have on your side when disaster strikes. Our team of professionals works 24/7 to ensure you get a response as quickly as possible. Palm Harbor is a beautiful residential community that has all the benefits of being so closely located to the Gulf of Mexico. However, residents and business owners know that the location is also occasionally at risk for natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. Palm Harbor’s higher elevation puts it in a less critical evacuation zone, but that doesn’t protect it from flooding and other damages.

Palm Harbor’s Water Damage Restoration

When flooding strikes Palm Harbor, there can be additional water damage to homes and places of business. This can become stressful quickly. You need a trusted advisor on your side. Master Restoration is here for the residents and businesses of Palm Harbor. We come in and coordinate the entire water damage restoration process; from clean-up to repairs and even to filing your insurance claim.

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Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. There are underlying health risks that come with water damage, and you need to know that you are protected. Remember that entering your Palm Harbor home or business after a flood can be dangerous and even deadly. When flooding is coupled with dangerous debris or possible biological contamination you need professional assistance. Add in sewage backups or overflowing toilets, which can be common during disasters,  and you have an even more perilous environment. The need from professional chemical cleanup may be imminent.  You can trust our team. We are licensed and trained to professionally assess the damage caused by storms and hurricanes. We can safely remove debris or contaminated items, extract water, and even sanitize your carpets. At the end of our services, our goal is to leave your property better than it was before.

When I was out of state on a business trip, my house flooded. The relief that I received after reaching out to Master Restoration was incredible. Before I got home, they had already been to my home and were working on making it live-able again. I totally trust them and you should as well!
Lisa Smith Campbell

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