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When disaster strikes in Pasco County, the Master Restoration team or professionals is here to serve our neighbors. Our expert team is available 24/7 to ensure you get a response to your needs as quickly as possible. Pasco County offers 20 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline, but residents and business owners know that means the presence of natural disasters, including tropical storms, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. The coastal landscape, coupled with these natural disasters, often results in flooding.

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Pasco County’s Water Damage Restoration

With flooding being the number one natural disaster in the United States, and Florida being one of the top ten states affected by flooding, the residents and business owners of Pasco County need a trusted restoration advisor. The coastal presence in the county provides no shield from flooding and other storm-related damage. We can help eliminate the stress by coordinating your entire water damage restoration process; from clean-up to repairs and even filing your insurance claim.

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Combine flooding with debris and possible biological contamination, and residents and businesses can be at great risk. Sewage backups and toilet overflows are often connected to disasters as well, and this creates an even more perilous environment. Be cautious as you enter your Pasco County home or business. Consult with a professional who can keep you safe and healthy.  Our licensed and trained team of professionals can handle the chemicals necessary to clean up certain kinds of risk factors. We professionally assess the damage caused by storms and hurricanes. Master Restoration’s team will safely remove debris or contaminated items, extract water, and even sanitize your carpets.

Master restorations came to my house promptly the next day after a tree had fallen on our roof and did an amazing job. They even came out on the same night of the accident when it wasn’t even needed to make sure our roof was ok until the next day. They worked all day getting the tree out, even in the rain! They cleared all the debris, raked all the fallen leaves and even hosed down our porch which was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. They also worked with my husband and I to make sure our yard looked nice after the accident and removed two other trees that were hit by the original fallen tree. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that has dealt with a disaster and needs a clean-up promptly and professionally. Huge thank you to Will, Julian, Steve & Steve!! You are an amazing team!
Sabrina Cabrera

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