We offer help to everyone in need

Restoring All In Need (R.A.I.N.)

It’s Our Community Project

Have you ever driven around on a rainy day and spotted someone without an umbrella? It is sort of a helpless feeling, isn’t it?

At Master Restoration, we often see families and businesses who seem to be drowning in damages and loss due to unexpected conditions. In addition, they are buried under a financial burden that seems impossible to escape. We don’t want anyone to feel helpless. Not us. And not them.

We have the tools and expertise to help people take cover. Regardless of the size of the job, we’re like an umbrella in a tragic downpour. We cover those who need it most. That’s the mission of our Project R.A.I.N.—restoration for ALL who are in need, even those who can’t afford it. Because when it comes to restoration after a devastation, you can’t afford NOT to get the help you need.

Do you want an opportunity to help people through Project R.A.I.N.? Here’s the easiest thing you can do. Log into your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. Say something nice about Master Restoration and let others know about Project R.A.I.N. and what we do for our community. We want everyone to know they have an umbrella when they need one the most! Feel free to use our hashtag: #ProjectRAIN

For additional ways to get involved:

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We Hope the Umbrella Helped

There are a few different ways you may have found this page. One of those ways may have been from the QR code on the free umbrellas we give out. If so, we hope the umbrella made your day a little better.

You Can Get Involved


Master Restoration is a team of caring people who are dedicated to making a difference in our community. We like helping people. It makes us feel good. So, we took the opportunity to help more people in the Tampa Bay area.

We invite you to partner with us in providing services for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. When people are faced with an emergency related to water, fire, smoke, or mold damage, it’s a devastating and vulnerable time. Let’s be the friends they need to have on their side. 

Share this page with your followers and let them know there is a company committed to serving them, regardless of their circumstances. #ProjectRAIN is one way to let people know that Master Restoration is here for them. 

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