Drying a space after water damage requires more than a mop. You need the right equipment and measuring devices to ensure the fastest possible drying time because moisture can cause secondary damage. Effective water damage restoration begins with proper drying and dehumidification.  Dehumidification removes moisture from affected areas and reduces damage to property and contents that can be caused by mold and mildew.  Our dehumidification process dries out the excess moisture in rooms quickly to eliminate odors and stop mold from forming.

Dehumidification is essential in the cleaning process. Our certified technicians will be at your property within hours of notification to begin the drying process. Every moment that a floor or wall remains wet accelerates the possibility of mold growth. The quicker the response, the higher the probability of reducing damage to your facility, which will directly lower the overall cost of restoration.

Our team uses professional grade equipment to dry out the entire structure of your affected rooms. We sanitize the environment to assure it remains safe for everyone who occupies it. If you are dealing with moisture or any type of mold or mildew, please contact us and we will make a plan to help you remove the moisture and prevent further damage.