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Serving as your general contractor, our Property Solutions offers licensed, and insured experts for all your projects.

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Surviving the aftermath of a disaster is hard enough, but if your home or office has sustained damage, your problems are multiplied. If your house or office has been damaged by a natural disaster, chances are you’re looking for a reputable commercial or residential contractor to help with repair and restoration. Master Restoration is equipped to handle the entire reconstruction process that brings the beauty and aesthetics back to your space. Our capabilities go beyond clean up and remediation.

While serving as your general contractor, we offer you access to the trustworthy, licensed, and insured industry experts that your restoration project requires. The work can begin while we are still managing cleaning up, which ensures the reconstruction process starts quickly and runs smoothly. From carpenter to plumber, our entire team can track the work and progress of your restoration work with clear communication.

Having one company oversee and guide the entire process of your disaster restoration means there is complete transparency from beginning to end. Our repairs and reconstruction experts work efficiently while valuing the details and finishes that will make your space better