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Commercial construction requires a different set of skills, materials, permits, and zoning than residential construction, and may involve different construction companies and crews. Companies can be certified in both residential and commercial construction, and can do both with aplomb, but the process of building will be different, and permits, regulations, and pricing will differ from residential construction, necessitating the use of a commercial contractor. 

Commercial general contractors are responsible for overseeing the entirety of a project, from start to finish. 

Commercial general construction is typically completed on a much larger scale than that of residential construction, and is correspondingly complicated. Rather than trying to manage a slew of different construction teams alone, commercial building owners and investors usually turn to commercial building contractors. Enlisting the help of a highly-qualified, trustworthy, and competent commercial general contractor, such as Master Restoration, is essential to making sure your commercial construction project is completed on time, and is completed correctly. 

Commercial general contractors are responsible for countless aspects of the construction process, which typically includes: 

  • Planning and designing. Commercial construction contractors are responsible for planning and designing the building. They can bring in their own designers and workers, or can partner with the building owners to create a planning and designing team that will accomplish their goals. 
  • Securing permits and permissions. The next step of the commercial construction process is securing permits and permissions. Commercial construction requires proof of zoning, appropriate city or county permits, and a thorough investigation of the area being built, to make sure it can withstand the weight and scope of the construction being completed. In some cases, additional reports such as environmental impact reports must be completed.
  • Overseeing crews and workers. Commercial general contractors oversee all of the teams tasked with construction, and make sure that those teams are working together appropriately and adhering to all plans and guidelines. 
  • Budgetary issues. Commercial general contractors play a role in the budget involved in the construction project, and will oversee aspects of the project related to the budget, such as outlining material needs, coordinating rental equipment, and may be responsible for approving timelines. 
  • Completion of the project. Commercial contractors are also present for the completion of the project, and will make sure all teams have finished their respective tasks according to the construct’s overall design, and will address concerns, issues, or failings with the owner or investor. 

We have used master restoration twice and would not use anyone else! It’s always a disaster that has brought them to us, but the results have been so wonderful that it has made bad situations good!! They have gone above and beyond to make it as painless as possible both times and we trust them
Completely. They have our highest recommendation!

Janice Streetman

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I cannot say enough about Master Restoration.
Everyone was prompt , courteous, and professional. Lisa was a godsend for my sister and supported her throughout the process; she took care of us like we were her family.
I highly recommend this company!

John Kalaboukas



I was extremely impressed with the response time, sense of urgency, professionalism and attention to detail provided by Brian during the estimate process.
Brian exemplified the proper way to address an urgent situation and represented Master Restoration at the highest level. I would recommend Master Restoration to anyone based on my experience.

George K


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