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Residential contractors are often confused with the subcontractors they are responsible for hiring and overseeing, but residential general contractors are essentially the managers of residential remodeling contractors of all shapes and sizes, and create a cohesive team to complete home projects, including both large and small remodels. Residential general contractor companies, such as Master Restoration, provide the cohesion and organization required to complete residential projects both large and small, to make sure all plans are up to code, and all designs are carried out correctly. 

Residential contractors are the overseers of a building and remodeling project, and are the go-to people or companies for home building and renovation projects.

Knowing who to turn to when you are considering a home build or renovation project can be difficult–particularly if you are not familiar with the differences between residential general contractors and the many subcontractors involved in the project. Finding a residential general contractor is vital to ensure that your home is in the best hands, and your project is completed as smoothly as possible. Master Restoration offers residential building and renovation services, and exemplifies the skill and devotion necessary to complete home projects of all shapes and sizes. 

The scope of a residential general contractor’s responsibilities includes all of the following: 

  • Forming a team. Residential general contractors are responsible for forming the team that will comprise your home remodeling workforce. This team, depending on homeowner needs, could include carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers, roofers, and any other professionals necessary to complete the build or renovation. 
  • Putting together a budget and timeline proposal. Residential general contractors are responsible for constructing a budget and a timeline, in order to propose both to a homeowner. 
  • Ordering and inspecting materials. In order to keep a firm grasp on budgetary and timeline requirements, residential general contractors are responsible for both ordering and inspecting materials. The contractor is the overseer who keeps budgetary needs close, and makes sure everything falls within those constraints, then makes sure all materials fulfill the quality expected of them. 
  • Evaluating the work being done. As an overseer, residential general contractors are required to check in with different teams, and make sure all of the work is being completed carefully and properly, while adhering to all budgetary requirements, timelines, and homeowner preferences. 
  • Communicating directly with homeowners, including the invoice process. Although different teams may periodically commune with homeowners, it is the responsibility of the residential general contractor to keep in regular contact with homeowners, and ensure that all expectations are being met, needs are being communicated, and everyone on the project is being kept abreast of new developments and potential setbacks. 

We have used master restoration twice and would not use anyone else! It’s always a disaster that has brought them to us, but the results have been so wonderful that it has made bad situations good!! They have gone above and beyond to make it as painless as possible both times and we trust them
Completely. They have our highest recommendation!

Janice Streetman

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I cannot say enough about Master Restoration.
Everyone was prompt , courteous, and professional. Lisa was a godsend for my sister and supported her throughout the process; she took care of us like we were her family.
I highly recommend this company!

John Kalaboukas



I was extremely impressed with the response time, sense of urgency, professionalism and attention to detail provided by Brian during the estimate process.
Brian exemplified the proper way to address an urgent situation and represented Master Restoration at the highest level. I would recommend Master Restoration to anyone based on my experience.

George K


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