Flooding Water was everywhere! How could I have let this happen?

Amy found herself faced with an unexpected flooding disaster. This was the first time she was faced with an incident like this, and she didn’t know what to do. She shared her story with us so that other home and business owners have the information she was lacking.

Laundry. It’s such a mundane and mindless job. I stain-treated a few items, tossed them in the machine, set the wash cycle, and off I went. Perfect timing, too, because my cell phone was ringing in the other room.

Nearly an hour later, I finished a great call with a friend and went to switch my load to the dryer. I was shocked! The faucet was still running in the utility sink and water had run down the wall, across the floor and into other rooms in the house. A LOT of water can accumulate from a running faucet in an hour.

My husband and I both sprang into action! We quickly shut off the water and assessed the damage. It was a sickening feeling, especially because we had just installed new carpet in rooms where the water flowed.

“What do we do?” I asked my husband Michael. “Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.”

Michael’s first thought was to call our insurance company, and I began salvaging anything that was getting further damaged by the water. I used a mop and towels to soak up what I could, but this was more than I could handle. Yet, we felt like we were faced with having to clean up this mess on our own.

Water Damaged Rugs

Eleven fans (including two high powered carpet fans) and 2 Wet Vacs later, it was clear this cleanup was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. Since the water ran along the walls, there was a greater risk of the drywall and baseboards soaking up water and causing mold damage. In fact, it didn’t take long before we noticed the baseboards were pulling away from the wall in some spots.

Water Damage Cleanup


We felt completely overwhelmed and alone.

Amy and Michael weren’t alone. They had access to the 24/7 Master Restoration Emergency Response line. Like this couple, most people have never experienced a disaster like flooding or water damage, so they don’t know what to do when it happens. Regardless of the time of day or night, our emergency response number connects you to a live person who will help assess your next steps.


We thought we could handle it on our own. I didn’t want to feel strong-armed by a restoration company, too.


Our insurance company was helpful but we had to figure out if the cost of the cleanup would go beyond our deductible and if it was worth making a claim. 

Homeowners and businesses often think to call their insurance right away when a disaster happens. While it is important to call the insurance in a timely manner, there are a few good reasons why calling us first makes sense.

We are your insurance experts. We have decades of expertise working together with insurance companies to ensure the best outcome for a homeowner.

Our free damage assessment provides you with valuable information to assist you in determining how to proceed, keeping your best interests in mind. In many cases, your loss may not require the insurance company to be involved depending on your policy deductible amount. We’ll assess the damage and advise you on whether you should go forward with insurance. If a claim is deemed necessary, we will immediately communicate with your insurance company and submit all the needed documentation and photos to them.

Master Restoration is the only restoration company in the area to offer you this insurance guarantee:

If after our thorough investigation of your property you determine to make an insurance claim, Master Restoration will not charge you if your insurance carrier denies the claim.


I was nervous to call Master Restoration because I thought that would lock me into their services. This job is probably too small for them anyway.

Many restoration companies require their customers to sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB), a legal document which requests that any insurance benefit payments be made directly to a designated restoration company. Once that AOB is signed, clients are locked in with that restoration company. Often, an AOB is an excuse to gouge insurance companies and not act in the best interest of the client.

Master Restoration never requires an AOB and advises you not to sign one without doing extensive research. Once you hire us, we become fully responsible for your restoration and repairs. Our commitment is always to put you first and to leave you better than before, and we do that in a way that requires integrity.


We knew, when it came to cleaning up the water, we would either pay to do it right now or pay for mold remediation and greater repairs later. We wanted to partner with Master Restoration to do what WE could do and let them do what we weren’t able to handle.

Michael and Amy did a great job of springing into action and taking charge of their disaster. Yes, there are things they would do differently if this kind of thing (or any other type of disaster) strikes again.

They knew the source of their water and turned it off immediately. If they hadn’t known the source, they could have turned off the main water valve.

They also started looking at the contents affected by the flooding and started to get things off the floor.
They used high powered fans, dehumidifiers, and Wet Vacs to absorb the moisture quickly.

They also knew mold was also a future risk and that they may need some expert advice and assistance.

We want our customers to feel empowered to do whatever they can on their own, while still knowing the importance of professional cleanup and restoration. We are here for homeowners and businesses, no matter the size of their restoration and repair project. At the heart of our business is a love for serving people and our community.