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Master Restoration is here for our neighbors in Spring Hill and the surrounding area. Our team of professionals is available 24/7. That makes us ready on a moment’s notice during your greatest time of need.
Spring Hill, in southwest Hernando County, is a great location for fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding and other outdoor fun. It is also occasionally known for natural disasters that strike in the Gulf coast. Like all of Florida, Spring Hill residents and business owners face hurricanes, tropical storms, and even the threat of tornadoes. This puts homes and businesses at risk for flood and storm damage.

Spring Hill’s Water Damage Restoration

During a tropical disturbance, the Florida coast is threatened with of imminent disaster, including severe flooding, widespread and severe property damage, and even loss of life. There are significant risks associated with flooded conditions. It is safest to assume that flood water in your home or office is contaminated, even if there’s not obvious evidence of floating or suspended sewage. It must be treated properly to keep you and your family or staff healthy and safe. Master Restoration alleviates your stress by coordinating your entire water damage restoration process. We will handle everything from helping you file your insurance claim to clean-up and repairs.

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Stay safe while preparing to return to your home or office after a hurricane or other natural disaster. It important to properly inspect and clean up the damages, and often that means you will need professional assistance. Remember that electrical and health hazards may not be immediately obvious, but can have devastating effects. Debris and possible biological contamination isn’t something you should manage by yourself. Sewage backups and toilet overflows can create an even more perilous environment in which professional chemicals and treatment are necessary. Stay healthy and safe. Contact our team of licensed and trained professionals to assess the damage caused by storms and hurricanes. Master Restoration’s team can safely extract water, remove debris and contamination, and sanitize your home and office. We’ll leave your property looking better than before.

When I was out of state on a business trip, my house flooded. The relief that I received after reaching out to Master Restoration was incredible. Before I got home, they had already been to my home and were working on making it live-able again. I totally trust them and you should as well!
Lisa Smith Campbell

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