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Storm Damage Repairs




Florida and the southern US is prone to hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, and even tornadoes. Storm inflicted disasters can cause excessive property damage. Our top priority after storm damage is your safety. Most storm damaged structures leave debris scattered, that can be dangerous. It’s our job is to contain and remove this debris and allow for you to enter the home or business under safe conditions.

Remember, restoration work should be left to the professionals to ensure safety and the repairs are done according to code. Our property solutions team provide for immediate damage assessment which lowers the risk of additional damage. Master Restoration and our team of licensed contractors respond promptly to serve you and get your lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

2022 has been the year for hurricane damages along the southern United States. We have provided a hurricane check list that will help you before and after severe storm damage. Download Hurricane Checklist



Damages due to a hurricane, tornado, hail, or wind can leave debris that is dangerous to be around. Our Damage Repair Service Specialists are here to help. We will complete a thorough, safe cleanup and remove all debris that is damaged or contaminated. We will provide remodeling or rebuilding services if necessary. Repairing your unsafe space is our priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s one room or an entire building.

Keeping you safe goes beyond the building itself. Asthma triggers, toxic chemicals, and infectious disease can blow in the wind. We can’t stop the storm, but our speedy cleanup may prevent impending illnesses.

Water Damage

In the event you have sustained water damage to your home, here are some Faq’s and tips you will want to follow.

  1. Make sure it is safe to enter the property. Standing water can result in electrocution if flooding has damaged or reached the electrical wiring or outlets in your home.
  2. Take photos of the damaged home and furnishings. You will need these later if you are planning on filing an insurance claim or filing for damage reimbursement.
  3. Contact a licensed Water Damage Restoration Company to determine the extent of the damage and help prepare a report for your insurance claim.
  4. Remove any standing water and wet furnishings. Such as carpets, rugs and any damaged drywall and appliances that may have been damaged due to water intrusion.
  5. Run A/C and fans to help with the drying process.
  6. Clean and disinfect all areas where there was flood water. Flood waters contain all sorts of bacteria and microbes that can promote sickness.
  7. Inspect the home for Mold anywhere moisture was present.
  8. Determine if furniture and other materials can be professionally cleaned or needs to be discarded for you and your family’s safety.

Documentation & Technology

Real-time Communication & Access

All clients have real-time communication and access to your restoration project through our client portal. Through our DASH link, all clients can view their notes, estimates, drawings, photos, videos, and description of stored goods.

Master Restoration uses 4D imagery camera technology in our handling process of insurance claims.  This technology assists in many aspects, including:

  • recording pre-disaster vs. post-disaster conditions
  • reducing claims cycle time
  • increasing accuracy in estimating
  • assessing replacement cost and property condition

The technology is unparalleled, especially compared to basic photography and a simple checklist.  When it comes time to renew your insurance policies, our technology is an invaluable service tool we provide to our clients.


Master restorations came to my house promptly the next day after a tree had fallen on our roof and did an amazing job. They even came out on the same night of the accident when it wasn’t even needed to make sure our roof was ok until the next day. They worked all day getting the tree out, even in the rain! They cleared all the debris, raked all the fallen leaves and even hosed down our porch which was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. They also worked with my husband and I to make sure our yard looked nice after the accident and removed two other trees that were hit by the original fallen tree. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that has dealt with a disaster and needs a clean-up promptly and professionally. Huge thank you to Will, Julian, Steve & Steve!! You are an amazing team!

Sabrina Cabrera

Storm Damage

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