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Following a hurricane, the question often looms large in the minds of those affected: What’s next? Home and business owners impacted by hurricanes may feel overwhelmed with the clean up process, and may not have the necessary safety training and tools to manage their property. This is where clean-up and restoration companies come in, and complete the task of removing water, cleaning debris, evaluating safety risks, and drying out any salvageable materials.

Master Restoration is equipped with the training, equipment, and expertise to effectively and safely conduct hurricane clean up services, getting your space and your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Fallen power lines, damaged wiring, obscured and hazardous debris, and mold and fungus are all potential issues to contend with when cleaning up after a hurricane. The professionals at Master Restoration are trained to safely contend with all of the steps involved in hurricane clean up, including:

  • Removing standing water. Removing standing water is typically the first step. Standing water is problematic for several reasons, including the potential for fungal growth, the possibility of obscuring health hazards, and doing further damage to the property, such as rotting and splitting framing, siding, and other building materials.
  • Clearing debris. Clearing debris is the next step in hurricane clean up. Debris includes any portions of the home and surrounding area that cannot be salvaged, and poses a health or safety hazard. Cleared debris is removed from the property and all salvageable materials are left intact.
  • Evaluating the area for safety issues and concerns. Depending on the scope of the company in question, evaluating the area for danger or lingering hazards could include cursory electrical inspections, outdoor evaluations (checking trees for continuing fall hazards or breaks), and flooring evaluations, to determine whether any flooring is at risk for fracturing, developing mold or fungus, or sinking.
  • Bringing the home or business back to normal. Whenever possible, hurricane clean up companies restore the home to its pre-hurricane condition. In some cases, this will not be possible, and clean up crews are dispatched to make way for insurance companies and adjusters to begin the process of rebuilding or restoring the home or business. In others, the home requires little more than water drainage, carpet drying, and small debris removal.

Hurricanes can be devastating to structures of all shapes and sizes. Fast, professional hurricane clean up can mean the difference between sustaining a small amount of damage and having to demolish a portion of your home. Our professional hurricane clean up services get your home back to normal as soon as possible, giving you peace of mind and comfort in the wake of a storm.

Customer Testimonials

Master restorations came to my house promptly the next day after a tree had fallen on our roof and did an amazing job. They even came out on the same night of the accident when it wasn’t even needed to make sure our roof was ok until the next day. They worked all day getting the tree out, even in the rain! They cleared all the debris, raked all the fallen leaves and even hosed down our porch which was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. They also worked with my husband and I to make sure our yard looked nice after the accident and removed two other trees that were hit by the original fallen tree. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that has dealt with a disaster and needs a clean-up promptly and professionally. Huge thank you to Will, Julian, Steve & Steve!! You are an amazing team!

Sabrina Cabrera

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