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When it comes time to look for a Tampa water damage restoration company, Master Restoration is the number to call. Our water damage mitigation experts are ready to serve Tampa residents with a team of professionals who work hard to make sure you get a quick 24/7 response.

Water Cleanup: Our water damage technicians use state of the art drying equipment such as dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, thermal imaging cameras and specialty air movers to dry out your damaged areas and avoid contamination. It is important to have a properly dried structure to prevent secondary damages such as mold growth, odors, staining and even damage to the structural integrity of your home or business.

Build Back & Repairs: Master Restoration is also a licensed Florida State Contractor allowing us to provide our clients with not only restoration services, but we can also build back damaged properties so there is no need to hire different companies. Our services in Tampa Bay include Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Fire and Soot Damage, Storm Damage, Home Repairs and Contractor Services..

Mold Remediation Tampa

Our Licensed Mold Remediation and Removal Specialists are experts in Florida’s growing mold issues. The growth, due to moisture, water, high humidity, and flood damage, is occurring at an alarming rate. Mold smells and its growth can occur 48-72 hours from the initial wetting period. If mold damage repair is not addressed by a mold damage mitigation service in an efficient and effective manner, structural damage to your home or commercial building are likely to occur, and are frequently accompanied by serious or long-term health conditions.

If your property has sustained water damage it is important to have it checked by a licensed mold removal company. If not removed properly, sheetrock mold can spread like dust throughout your entire house. Health issues may include allergic reactions which could happen immediately or develop after a period of time following exposure. It is also important to know that some molds produce toxic substances.



Storm Water Damage: Most water damage from storms is due to heavy rains and wind damage due to a roof leak as a result of damaged or missing shingles and flashing. Firstly it is important to stop the intrusion of water and fix the leak. Often times on large damaged areas it is important to use a temporary roofing tarp to stop the water until the roof can be repaired.

Tampa home and business owners should be cautious about entering their property after flooding. There are many unseen hazards that make a flooded location dangerous and even deadly. Debris and possible biological contamination should always be assessed by a professional to avoid putting yourself in danger. The use of proper chemicals and safety gear to treat sewage backups and toilet overflows is essential. Your safety is our top priority at Master Restoration. You can trust our licensed and trained team to professionally assess your damages caused by a hurricane or tropical storm. Our reliable team of professionals knows how to safely and properly remove debris or contamination, as well as extract standing water, and even sanitize your carpets.

I am the director of a local nonprofit called Clothes To Kids. We give clothing to low-income and in crisis-school age kids, free of charge. We are shopping with 100 kids a day and last week in the middle of our busiest Saturday we had a water leak and flood. Oh no, it was terrible! We called Master Restoration and they came right over. When I say right over, I mean within 30 minutes! I believe we interrupted a birthday party even, and they came! They were professional, pleasant helped us get the water up and our store dried out. This is the company to use when you have a crisis and need help right away. Thank you so much Master Restoration for being our heroes!!!

Patti Hanks

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