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Tampa Restoration Services

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Being one of Florida’s most prominent cities, Tampa, is known for its businesses, cultural offerings, nightlife and even the Busch Gardens amusement park. It’s also known for the pirates! Not only do we have the NFL team, the Buccaneers, but we also celebrate a mock pirate invasion every year: Gasparilla. Though those that live here know, the pirates aren’t the biggest threats. The biggest threat are the storms that strike at the end of summer. As the hot summer months give way to the cooler fall weather, hurricanes and tropical storms cause water damage throughout the Tampa Bay area.

When it comes time to look for Tampa water damage restoration companies, Master Restoration is the number to call. We are ready to serve Tampa residents with a 24/7 team of professionals who work hard to make sure you get a quick response.


Even without the help of hurricanes and tropical storms, Tampa is prone to localized flooding resulting from just rainy thunderstorms. The geography of Florida, especially in Tampa, is one that makes it difficult from water to run off and drain from flooded areas. Being in a bay area, Tampa is also susceptible to tidal flooding. Regardless of the cause, we are here to serve Tampa residents, offering water extraction and flood restoration services to Tampa homes and businesses.



Tampa home and business owners should be cautious about entering their property after flooding. There are many unseen hazards that make a flooded location dangerous and even deadly. Debris and possible biological contamination should always be assessed by a professional to avoid putting yourself in danger. The use of proper chemicals and safety gear to treat sewage backups and toilet overflows is essential. Your safety is our top priority at Master Restoration. You can trust our licensed and trained team to professionally assess your damages caused by a hurricane or tropical storm. Our reliable team of professionals knows how to safely and properly remove debris or contamination, as well as extract standing water, and even sanitize your carpets. At the end of our service, we hope your space is left better than it was before. 

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